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09 Jan 2024

Forssa Textile Week 2024

The first event in August 2023, brought together Finnish and Japanese designers and manufacturers around current topics. The event welcomed an estimated 2000-3000 visitors. The program included pop-up sales, discussion about the textile industry, entrepreneurship, education, and design, as well as exhibitions. Partners for 2023 were the Finnish Textile and Fashion, Aalto University, Textile Artists' Association TEXO in Finland, and Yosowoigarden in Japan.


Forssa Textile Week:
Patterns, Design and Sustainable Textiles

On 15th - 18th August 2024 Forssa Museum will host the second Forssa Textile Week focusing on patterns, design, and sustainable textiles. The event aims to better the role of responsible design and textiles in our society. Our goal is to nurture the sharing and exchanging of ideas between designers, industry professionals, and artists, as well as textile and design educators and students. Forssa Textile Week 2024 brings together people to discuss current phenomena concerning patterns and design. The discussions consider sustainability, longevity, and responsible practices. In addition, the event brings exhibitions and textile pop-up sales to the city center of Forssa!

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Forssa Textile Week 2024

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