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13 Sep 2023

Seminar: Patterns Without Borders 27.10.2023

Friday 27.10.2023

Seminar: Patterns Without Borders 

Small Auditorium
HAMK Uni. Of Applied Sciences 

Wahreninkatu 11C, 3rd floor
Forssa Spinning Mill Area 

Open to everyone interested in textiles, patterns and textile heritage. You are most welcome!

The Forssa museum seminar brings together five speakers from around the world. They represent a textile collection or textile creation that somehow transcend the boundaries of time and culture.  They bring up different phenomena in the world of pattern heritage.   

The aim of the seminar is to bring out interesting phenomena related to patterns and arouse interest towards textile heritage and contemporary production. 

Participation is free. Please register here: 

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11.00-11.30        Welcome to the seminar

11.30-13.00        Seminar session 1

  • Kati Kivimäki, Forssa Museum, Finland
    "Interpretations and imported patterns in Forssa collection"
  • Rie Akimoto-Ahva,  Yamanashi Technology Center, Japan
    "KAIKI - The colors and patterns of silk lining fabrics for Haori, from local textile archives"
  • Satoko Matsuura, Japan
    "Patterns of Kawachi Cotton"

13.00-14.00        Lunch break

14.00-15.30        Seminar session 2 

  • Andreea Tanasescu, Romania
    "Giving Back Credit to the Heritage Communities "
  • Carlota du Pontavice & Mercedes Pugliese, NUGA/ University of Talca, Chile
    "Circles within circles, human connections beyond time and space."
  • Petra Valentova, USA
    “Imprints Through the Time and Place. Craft, blue print and Indian hand block printing in the context of a collaborative approach in working with crafstmen in global east.” 

The language of the seminar is English and is organized as a hybrid event on location and online.

The event is part of Forssa 100 -celebrations.

About the project:

PATTERNS is an ERASMUS+ project between Romanian, Polish, Estonian, and Finnish cultural heritage organizations and foundations Fundacja Dom and Galeria im. Sleńdzińskich from Bialystok in Poland, Comunitatea Armana din Romania - filiala Bucuresti from Bucharest in Romania and Narva Muuseum from Narva Estonia.

During this project, the partners visit each other to learn about the methods of conducting educational activities, share knowledge, and learn about good practices of education and the popularization of art and textile heritage. The project looks at the differences and similarities in fabric and pattern design in the second half of the 20th century, in different parts of Europe, and connects with the wider international European cultural, industrial, and textile heritage of the 20th century as well as with the local history through the partner institutions and organizations.

The project is co-funded by the European Union.


Seminar: Patterns Without Borders 27.10.2023

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