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13 Jan 2023

Textile Printing Workshop

Workshop introduces you with the world of textile printing

Why Forssa? Well...

Forssa is the birthplace of Finnish printed textiles. Here the industrial printing tradition begun in 1861.  Forssa design studio was founded in 1951 as the first in the country to concentrate in printed textiles. The Design Studio hosted designers and artists who created patterns of different colors and designs: stripes, polka dots, florals, abstracts, and everything in between, always getting inspired by the movements of art, popular culture, architecture, and design of their time. These printed fabrics dressed the nation, decorated our homes, and spread across the border to international markets.

  • Visit the Forssa Museum Pattern Centre with our museum guide and get inspired by Finnish printed textiles
  • Experience Rykkeri - the Forssa based print shop that continues local tradition of textile printing in the historic Weaving Mill Area.
  • Learn and try textile printing first hand at Rykkeri!
  • Manufacture a piece of textile to take home with you.

Usefull information

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 70€/person

Groups: 2-10 people

Book a workshop

You can book a workshop session from the Doerz-webshop. Click the Doerz logo below to enter the webpage.

You can also send us an email or call us to make your booking:

+358 40 181 6682

Forssa museum

Get to know our partners

Rykkeri and Forssa Museum Pattern Centre! Textile Print and Workshop Rykkeri is run by four women who share the passion for printed textiles. Rykkeri is located within the historic 1850's Weaving Mill Area. Textile printing in Finlayson-Forssa factories ended in 2009. This also marked the year Rykkeri was established, ensuring the continuation of Forssa textile printing tradition. Now Rykkeri is the only company in Finland to print fabrics with a hand-operated 20 m printing table. Rykkeri prints its own collection and operates as a print shop for other designers and producers.

Forssa museum is a small community of versatile museum professionals working together to create memorable experiences. We come from different backgrounds in the field of textiles and textile work, art history, cultural history, pedagogy, and archaeology. Everyone has their own way of storytelling but we all feel passionate about local history, culture and textile industry.


Textile Printing Workshop

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