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15 Jun 2022

TOKYO - the beautiful city: Pattern exhibition 12.7. - 7.8.2022

EDO SARASA x Scandinavian Pattern Collection “TOKYO, the beautiful city”

Forssa museum / Gallery Moletti
Wahreninkatu 12, 30100 Forssa

Open: tue-fri 10-16, sat-sun 12-16
Free entrance

EDO SARASA is traditional craftwork of dyeing fabric conveyed from the Edo era (1603- 1868). SARASA, a cotton textile with colourful patterns, was supposedly originated in India more than 3,000 years ago. SARASA was born in India and went to Europe through Persia, spread to China in the west and Thailand in the south, and came to Japan through the "Silk Road of the ocean." With the growth of Edo/Tokyo, and the increase of the population, Edo/Tokyo became one of the major SARASA dyeing areas, to meet the demands of KIMONO textile.

 The biggest uniqueness of EDO SARASA is that special washi paper is used for stencil engraving. Paper is very delicate and easy to be damaged when a dye bush is rubbed on it, which is the reason why so many engraving stencil paper patterns are required. Colors are carefully overlaid on each pattern using dye brushes, requiring a lot of perseverance and techniques. This contributes to the three-dimensional feeling, characterized by the profound colors. EDO SARASA can be called as the elegance of dye technique.

In this way, EDO SARASA requires high skills and labor forces. Therefore, it is difficult to create innovative designs for EDO SARASA which will lead the market expansion. On the other hand, Scandinavian design is popular and recognized as a  symbolic of sophisticated design in the interior market. Our business, Scandinavian Pattern Collection (SPC) works with around 30 established Scandinavian designers. The aim is collaboration of product development between Scandinavian designers and Japanese manufacturers with various products and markets.

In this project, we collaborate with 10 selected SPC designers to create special patterns for EDO SARASA with the theme of “TOKYO, the beautiful city”. With these fabrics, we produce interior products as well as Japanese clothing KIMONO.

Scandinavian Pattern Collection is a joint project of Swedenstyle (Stockholm Sweden) and AND FIKA (TokyoJapan) established in 2014.

We work with market consulting and business planning/branding to support collaboration between Scandinavian designers and Japanese clients. We work with 31 established Scandinavian designers at the moment. The aim of Scandinavian Pattern Collection is to spread our idea of collaboration between Scandinavian pattern designs and Japanese manufacturers with various products and markets.

TOKYO - the beautiful city: Pattern exhibition 12.7. - 7.8.2022

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