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The program for 2024 is in process and will be published here closer to the event. Stay tuned!

Forssa Textile Week brings together textile professionals who share the ideology of ethical and sustainable textiles. Our participants range from spinners to weavers, to clothing and pattern designers, to companies that focus on reusable and recycled textiles. At the Forssa Textile Week Pop-up, you can find sustainable domestic products.

Shops in Forssa City Center

  • Puistolinna (Hämeentie 2)
  • Old Factory Hotel (Hämeentie 1)
  • Työväentalo (Kauppakatu 17)
  • Weaving Mill (Kutomonkuja)
  • Spinning Mill (Wahreninkatu)

Picture: Urpolan Tilapuoti

Ensimmäinen tekstiilille omistettu tapahtumaviikko Suomessa!


Hämeentie 2
Thu-Sun 10-17

Forssa Textile Week opens textile-themed pop-up shops in the city center. At Puistolinna, next to the Market Square, you can find a selection of products from sustainable and ethical Finnish textile professionals.

Located in the same building is Mari Shop and a yarn store Janskun Lanka. Around the corner, you can find a local fabric store Kankainen.

Picture: Kisskiss

Ensimmäinen tekstiilille omistettu tapahtumaviikko Suomessa!

Kutomo / The Weaving Mill

Marja Hannula
Puuvillakatu 4 A 1, a wooden house

Finlayson Shop
Kutomonkuja 1 / Yhtiönkatu
Thu-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-16, Sun closed

Rykkeri shop & workspace
Puuvillakatu 4C

The historical Weaving Mill is home to not one, not two but three shops/workshops! Marja Hannula sells handmade textile, Finlayson shop carries some of the all-time favorites in printed and woven household textiles and Rykkeri / Forssa Fabric designs, prints and sews clothing, and household textile products on location by hand. At the Rykkeri Shop you can also find products from other local companies and small businesses.

Picture: Rykkeri, Kati Länsikylä

Ensimmäinen tekstiilille omistettu tapahtumaviikko Suomessa!

Kehräämö / Spinning Mill

Forssa museum & Pattern Center (Kuosikeskus)
Wahreninkatu 12 & 13
Thu-Sun 11-18

Forssa Museum & Pattern Center Museum Shop! Set your afternoon tea on a tray decorated with 1970's beautiful patterns or tie your hair up with a scrunchie made from Forssa Factory textiles! Forssa Museum Shop is filled with products that showcase a range of vibrant patterns from the Forssa textile factories and Forssa atelier. The Museum Shop collection offers a variety of household items, jewelry, hair accessories, literature, paper products, and small mementos to remember your visit to Forssa. Made mainly by Finnish and local Forssa craftsmen and companies, or in our own museum workshop, you won't find these anywhere else!

Get your own piece of Finnish textile history here!

Picture: Forssan museo

Ensimmäinen tekstiilille omistettu tapahtumaviikko Suomessa!