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The museums of Forssa, Södertälje (Sweden) and Struer (Denmark) are carrying out a joint museum project Wear & Share relating to textile heritage. During the project, the twin city museums will inspire, encourage and guide their collections and textile heritage-related activities in general. The aim is to develop the museums as places of participation, to promote the creative use of collections, to strengthen interactions between the generations and to share knowledge between the museum professionals. During the project, the collections of textiles will be digitised, memories will be collected and new will be created from old within the framework of courses and workshops. Each museum carries out activities suitable for its own location and collections.

The project received a Capacity Development grant from the Nordic Culture Point. 



Kulttuuriperinnön pelastuksen ABC -hanke (Pela ABC) aloitti toimintansa elokuussa 2016. Hanke on TAKOn ( Museoiden valtakunnallinen tallennus- ja kokoelmayhteistyö ) nelospoolin yhteishanke, jota hallinnoidaan Forssasta käsin. Hankkeeseen osallistuu museoita yli poolirajojen.  Lue lisää  »


Re3 REmember, REvive, REuse

In 2014-15 we had a Finnish-German-Polish Grundtvig Learning project Re3, which remembered, revived and reused local textile heritage, and activated citizens to work with museum. The project included lots of activities and sharing the knowledge within partnership. You can read about the project in our blog and find more detailed information on it in European Shared Treasure -database.


Kokoelmat kuntoon vapaaehtoisten ja työkuntoutumistoimintaan osallistuvien avustamina!

Kokoelmat kuntoon on Forssan museon kokoelmatyötä, vapaaehtoistoimintaa ja pitkäaikaistyöttömien työkuntoutustoimintaa yhdistävä projekti, jonka toteutuu vuosien 2015 ja 2016 aikana.
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